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should've known you'd bring me heartache

Here comes more bitching/whining/angsting. I swear I'll post something that's not that after this.

I officially need to BUST ASS on my classwork if I don't want to get an Incomplete and have to finish up my work over the summer. As it stands right now, these are the things I have to do (which is partially for my own reference, so I don't have to flip flop between each course on Blackboard) that's OVERDUE in the next...what, three weeks? Two weeks? I don't even know.

ENG-25005-600-201310: LITERATURE IN THE US II
  • Reading Response #3

  • Essay #1

  • Reading Response #4

  • Criticism and Context Report #3

  • Extra Credit

The RRs and C&Cs are pretty short, I just have to read the material for them and then force them out. The Essay, I have most of my material for it, I just never got around to putting it together. I think the Extra Credit is just a RR, really. The instructor isn't docking points for anything being late - even if it was something that was due at the beginning of the semester. He realized he kind of overloaded us, so he's just working with us so we can get our material done and get a good grade out of the class. I don't know yet if we're going to have a Final Exam essay, but I'm thinking we may not. Which is good.

JMC-20001-200-201310: MEDIA, POWER AND CULTURE
  • Journal 02 - Media Effects and Research

  • Journal 08 - Radio

  • Journal 09 - Television

  • Journal 11 - Electronic Journalism

  • Session 08 Quiz (Radio)

  • Media Literacy Assignment 3

  • Media Literacy Assignment 4

  • Media Literacy Assignment 5

  • Extra Credit

This looks like a lot, but it's really been me procrastinating because this teacher doesn't seem to be docking points for later assignments, either. The Journals are 400 word minimum over the subject we studied that week. The Media Literacy assignments are 150 word disccusion board posts over a question relating to that specific week's material. That weird, errant quiz was a fuckup with Blackboard and I have to re-take it (despite taking it already) because there's no way to prove my grade. The Extra Credit is a 100pt research project we can participate in.

I need to take a night where the library is open 24/7 and stay there until I get all the little things done so I don't have any distractions. For some reason, being somewhere that isn't my office or at home, I feel more motivated or in the right mindset to work on classwork. Hunkering down at the library in the middle of the night is good for that.

I'm probably going to try to power through the Media Literacy assignments while I'm at work, since they're the shortest/smallest things on the list. Hopefully I can use this list as a reference and strike things out as I finish them.

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