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I want to update this more.

I think I SHOULD update this more.

Maybe it'll help me focus my thoughts and feelings better than tumblr/twitter/facebook does, because I think all those serve as are distractions to things I should maybe be rolling around and thinking about. Don't get me wrong, tum/twit/fb are great for my random bullshit and short things, but there's been a lot going on that I feel I need to really lay out and process and LJ's always been good for me with that.

Plus, I've been told I don't ENJOY things anymore. I complain a lot. I bitch a lot. About things that don't even need it. It makes people not want to actually converse with me because I'll probably find something to complain about. I think that my bitching is a stand in for me to feel like I give a fuck about something because, honestly, it's been near impossible to muster up fucks for anything in the last 6+ months. LJ was always a place where I could talk about good and bad and in length instead of in tags on a post on tumblr if something about a subject even came across my dash.

Maybe this'll help me just process things better overall. I don't know.

But I went through and did a bunch of housekeeping here. New layout (of course), cleared my interests list (it's needed updated for years), removed the sticky (full of outdated info), need to make a new profile thing (because of course i do). I'm still debating on keeping it public or friends only. I dunno.

I know there's not many people over on these parts anymore, but I think even yelling into the void is helpful for me.

So, it's a start.

General Updates:

Still working at the university library. I applied for the position of the Stacks Management Supervisor who resigned (three of the student supervisors did, actually) and I interviewed really well, but my attendance bit me in the ass (samcat's death, plus a few things before that). The position ended up going to another student supe, Liz, which we all kind of expected anyhow. But I'm super happy for her! I'm hoping something else comes open before the end of the summer, at least. I have great references and I interview well and I have 3+ years of work experience, so I'm pretty well suited for a lot of stuff in the circ/stacks departments.

Since that, I've been re-assigned to the basement, which I love. I was on the 6th floor, which is Periodicals. But some shifting happened and now I'm downstairs. I got assigned a huge project (pre-1900s) and my students are great, so I can't complain! Work keeps me busy, which gives me stuff to do and focus on, which has been much needed lately.

I'm still trudging through classes. Can't take on campus stuff for my major because I don't have enough money, so it's just more fluff/core classes. But whatever. It keeps me my job, so I'll put up with it. I'm taking a Young Adult Literature class this semester, so a lot of reading! Maybe I'll post about that. We're reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower right now and it's alright. I'd avoided bothering much with it for a long time, but I like it enough.

A friend also recommended Fox 8 and let me listen to some of her audiobook and I really enjoyed it! The audiobook narrator is quite good, as well, considering he's portraying a fox.

I've been drawing a little bit again, which has been nice. I've also got a couple badge commissions to finish, which are pretty fun to do.

I'm not gonna post everything, so here's a link to my artblog. I've done a bit of stuff since summer, at least, including a bunch of nice traditional pieces! I've also been posting art reference, tutorials, and stuff for Photoshop and Sai brushes on my artblog.

In other news, I'm hoping I can get new glasses and maybe a new, cheap phone with my tax refund this year. That'd be nice.
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